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Notice for Patients

Time of NHI card renewal
08:00~12:00 and 13:00~17:00, Monday to Friday

First Visit Patients
Please go to the registration counter with your ID and NHI card (military ID for the military personnel, and residence certificate and children’s health handbook for children) to fill out the “First Visit Registration Form.”

Please pay at the cashier counter. NT$ 50 for the registration fee, NT$ 50 for the NHI partial payment.
The NHI partial payment can be waived for those with occupational injuries (with occupational injury certificate), occupational disease, serious disease and injury (with the serious disease and injury card), and armed forces dependants (with the armed forces dependant certificate).

The hospital receipt can be used for filing personal income tax. Please keep it carefully. Each additional receipt copy costs NT$50.

Please line up to receive your medicine based on the number on your prescription from the pharmacy.

Please go to window 9 or 10 to register for a physical examination.

Children Health Inspection and Vaccination
The pediatrics department offers children health inspection and vaccination service every Wednesday afternoon. Please come with residence certificate, vaccination card, and children’s health handbook.
*This service needs advanced registration, and is limited to 50 children per week.

Registration and NHI partial payment are free for ilitary personnel (but they need to show their military IDs and NHI cards).

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