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Hospital Envionment

Medical Treatment Building

Medical Treatment Building

1st Floor

Outpatient ClinicEmergency Room.

2st Floor

Operation RoomsIntensive, Care Units Otolaryngological, Clinic Ophthalmological, Clinic Dental Clinic.

3st Floor

Obstetric and Gynecological Wards Pediatric Wards.

5st Floor

Surgical Wards.

6st Floor

Medical Wards.

7st Floor

Administration Department.

Top Floor

Helicopter Apron.


Power Center

Power Center for the proposes of quiet and security, the power center is designed isolately from other buildings.

Living Quarters of Military Personnel

Living Quarters of Military Personnel a five stories building. The first floor is the dormitory of executives and the children care center, and the dormitories of officers and soldiers are set on the second to fifth floor

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