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Our History

We were originally formed as the “Air Force Second Medicine Squadron” subordinated by air force second air wing in January, 1952, and were extended to a 50 sickbeds in the air force base hospital in March, 1965. In January, 1979, the hospital was elevated status to the “Air Force Hospital,” and the sickbed had increased to one hundred beds. Until July 1986, the hospital was reorganized and renamed as “Armed Force 813th Hospital” commanded by the Air Force General Headquarter directly. The numbers of sickbed had increased to 225 beds at the same time. In July 1995, the military medical service had been restructured. The hospital was renamed as “Hsinchu Armed Force Hospital” and subordinated by the Bureau of Military Medicine of the Ministry of National Defense on July 1, 1998.The hospital was renamed as “Hsinchu Armed Force General Hospital” and subordinated by“Taoyuan Armed Force Hospital” on July 1, 2006.
The hospital was renamed as “Taoyuan Armed Forces General Hospital Hsinchu Branch” on July 1, 2021.

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