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How to enjoy meal and do not get fat

Suggestions When Eating Outside

By Nutrition Office of the Armed Force Hsinchu Hospital

  1. Chinese Banquet
    • Avoiding to eat high fat nuts.
    • You can eat some vegetables before go to banquet; eating more “supporting role” such as decorate vegetables during meal, but reduce sauce first if the vegetables are cooked with starch.
    • The starch thicken food contain too much calorie. Washing them before you eat if you have to eat them. Remember, do max the sauce with rice.
    • Avoiding the dishes which contain high fat; you can choose that cooked in the ways of stream, cold dish, or boil.
    • Drink tea or water instead of juice, soda, sweet soup.
    • Using tea or water wash the sauce from food.
    • It is unnecessary to eat every dish. You eat just one of every two dishes.
  2. Western Style Banquet
    • Choosing white bread (do not wipe cream) instead of garlic bread; choosing bread potato (do not with cream), macaroni, or rice instead of French fry.
    • Choosing chicken or seafood for main meal is better choice.
    • Avoiding the soup that contains starch or cream.
    • Eating more salad, but without sauce or choosing the sauce made by vinegar, lemon, or juice.
    • When drinking tea or coffee, put sugar or cream as little as possible (or do not put any of them).
  3. Japanese Food
    • The salmon, mackerel, and tuna have contained higher fat, and shrimp egg and fish egg are considered higher cholesterol. People should pay more attention on those material when enjoy Japanese food.
    • Teriyaki: avoid sanma and eel etc. high fat fishes
    • Fried dishes: the fried dishes in the Japanese food usually wrap with starch. It makes them contain very high fat. Should be avoided, or to shell the wrapped starch before eating.
    • Stream dishes: the material of these dishes is egg, therefore you should pay attention about cholesterol ingestion when eating this kind of dish.
    • Avoiding the fry ramen.
    • The miso soup contains higher sodium. Pay attention on it.
  4. Chafing Dish
    • Using Chinese cabbage, radish, cabbage, or dried shrimp to stew instead of bone. If using born to stew, then need to withdraw the oil on the top before eating.
    • Take more low-fat food such as chicken, fish, corn. However, seafood usually contains higher cholesterol.
    • Choosing nature food better than manufactured; choosing vegetable better than mest.
    • Reducing the usage of sha-cha-chiang etc. paste sauce, and withdraw the oil on the top. Avoid add egg yolk. In addition, the green onion, cilantro, vinegar, garlic, and lemon can increase flavor.
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