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Ideal Body Weight Counting

How to count your ideal body weight ?

Ideal body weight (kg) = 22 × length2 (m2)
It is BMI (Body Mass Index)
Weight (kg) = 22
L ength2 (m2)
Is your weight within the ideal body weight scope ?
Norma: within 10% of BMI
Over weigh: 10%~20% of BMI
Fat: over 20% of BMI

Ideal weight reducing method

  1. Ideal weight reducing method
    • Appropriate diet control.
    • Asking dietician to design a diet plan for you, do not listen to folk remedy and advertising.
  2. Do not reduce weight too quick
    • The weight can be reduced at 0.5 kg a week by the ways of cut down 500 kilocalorie ingestion or increasing 500 kilocalorie depletion a day.
  3. The suggestions for diet control
    • 3 meals each day – equally distribute, it is better do not take snake.
    • Changing the eating process – soup first, then vegetables, finally eating meat and rice slowly with small bite.
    • To chew carefully and swallow slowly, do not watch TV while eating.
    • Eating vegetable as much as possible, at least half bowl.
    • Avoiding high calorie foods such as sweet, fried, oil fry, and snakes.
    • Avoiding high fat nuts such as peanut, seeds, cashew nut, pine nut, walnut etc.
    • Do not drink too much alcohol.
    • If you are hungry between meals, you can eat some fruits and vegetables.
    • It is better to cook in the ways of steam, boil, stew, roast, cold and dressed with sauce.
    • Do not keep snakes in home.
    • Avoiding to eat any thing 2 hours before sleep.
  4. Appropriate exercise

Advantages of exercise

  • Speed up depleting take in calorie.
  • Increasing metabolism speed.
  • Making muscle stronger and increasing cardiopulmonary function.

Exercise Guidance

  • Ask for advice from doctor to choose the appropriate exercise that fix you age and body condition.
  • Increasing exercise slowly.
  • To persevere in doing exercise at least 3~5 times a week, 30~40 minutes every time. The best time to exercise is 1~1.5 hours after eating.
  • Choosing some exercises that make whole body active such as walking, running, tennis, and swim.
  • Take chance to exercise. For example, take a walking instead of driving, using stair instead of taking elevator, doing hula-hoop or dumbbell, or running on the running machine while watch TV, or doing gymnastics during TV program break.
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