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Services of Nursing House

The Nursing Home of the Armed Forces Hsinchu Hospital has 24- hour services.

1. Services

  • Doctor’s visits every day.
  • Professional nursing care.
  • Rehabilitation treatment.
  • Nutrition care.
  • Daily care.
  • Leisure activities.

2. Common illnesses

  • Senility, body function degeneration.
  • Apoplexy and, paralysis, mobility problems.
  • Chronic disease patients who need long-term care.
  • Post-hospital rehabilitation.
  • Early senility and dementia.
  • Immobility.

3. Not Qualified to Stay in the Nursing Home

  • Infectious diseases.
  • Psychosis.
  • Phthisis.
  • Infectious skin diseases.
  • Peracute diseases.

4. Charges

  • Able to move on one’s own: NT$28,000 / month
  • Assistance needed: NT$30,000 / month
  • N-G tube feeding: NT$33,000 / month
  • Long-term respiratory ventilation: NT$38,000 / month

5. Our Advantages

  • A DOH chartered public nursing home.
  • All personnel hold certification.
  • Doctor’s visits every day. The NHI is used in cases where medical treatment is needed.
  • Modern rehabilitation facilities with professional staff, and no charge for recovery treatment (paid by NHI).
  • Centralized air conditioning, oxygen, and phlegm- suction equipment.
  • Complete fire-fighting equipment.
  • Comfortable room with furniture and bathroom. Armrests along hallways and in bathrooms.
  • n the same location as the hospital.
  • The hospital can provide residents with full medical treatment.
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