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Examination Subjects

For the Public

  1. General Health Examination
  2. Occupational Health Examination
  3. Medical Inspection for Taking Tests
  4. Pre-marital Check-up
  5. Adult Health Examination
  6. Adult Health Examinationv
  7. Medical Inspection for Military Service
  8. Examination Fees:
    Examination Fees

    Class A

    Class B

    Class C

    NT$8,000.00 NT$5,000.00 NT$3,500.00
  9. Other queries please contact ex. 3194.

For the Military Personnel

  1. Annual Examination
  2. Pre-marital Check-up
  3. Other Health Examination
  4. Military Service Subsequent Check-up
  5. Please come with official letter of service unit.Other queries please contact ex.3194
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