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Services of Nursing House

Home nursing is based on the patient’s need providing the health care service in where patient live. Its purpose is minimized the impact of disability and disease in order to allow patient able to get completive and continuing care.

1. Purpose

  • Saving individual medical expenses, and then achieving the medical resource properly utilize purpose.
  • Providing good medical and health knowledge to individual and family.

2. Object

  • The hospital chronic disease patients who need continuing care evaluated by doctor.
  • People who leave from hospital but only with limit self capability (the activity is limited on bed or chair for over 50% of time of awake) need continuing care
  • Clear medical treatment and nursing need such as N-G tube, urine tube, and long-term ventilated (LTV), etc.
  • Patient’s condition steady able to receive medical treatment and nursing at home.
  • Families able to take care and living environment also suitable.

3. Services body check-up and evaluation

  • Nursing guiding and phone consulting.
  • Tubes caring.
  • General cuts caring.
  • simple recovering exercise.
  • Examination sample and drug delivery.
  • Continuous medication (listed by hospital attending physician or doctor of family medicine).
  • Hygiene education guiding.
  • To help purchasing necessary medical stuff.
  • Subsequent clinic arrange and hospital transposing communication.
  • Subsequent clinic arrange and hospital transposing communication.

4. Service Hour

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00~12:00, 13:30~17:00
  • Saturday: 8:00~12:00
  • Patient get emergency situation in out of service hour, please go to the hospital emergency room directly, and communicate with home nurse next day.

5. Service Charge

  • Paid by National Health Insurance (NHI)
  • Partial payment: 10% (based on the regulation of NHI)Avoid for serious injury and.
  • Special materials depend on the hospital regulation.

6. Contact

  • Information Address: 3, Wu-Ling Road, Hsin-Chu City.
  • Phone: 03-5348181 ex.3136 (long-term caring department)